They run non-profits. They build advocacy groups. They bring legal aid to our communities. California needs more of them.

Each year, hundreds of law students attend and graduate from law school committed to practicing law in the public interest. California’s public interest lawyers help thousands of Californians who need a lawyer navigate our legal system, assuring the otherwise silent have their voices heard.

Before aspiring public interest lawyers can start their important work, they face a unique challenge. Like other future attorneys, they must pass the bar exam. But without the support of a private law firm or employer, the exam fee, the cost of a Bar review course and living expenses can add thousands of dollars to a law school graduate’s debt burden. This makes practicing in the public interest difficult and often unfeasible. Our Public Interest Bar Exam Scholarship removes this financial barrier.

The 15 law school graduates we are awarding 2014 scholarships have compelling stories - click here to read more about their backgrounds and why they are choosing public service.

By helping these aspiring attorneys realize their dreams to make a difference we can create a better justice system for Californians. Invest $25, $50 or $100 and you will fund these heroes in their aspirations to make the law work for everyone - not just those who can afford it.

Closing the Justice Gap, One Public Interest Lawyer at a Time

Click here to learn more about the program and to read Jessie Owen's story. 

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Ellen Obstler $50.00
Paul Beck $103.00 Proud to support the Bar Foundation in this crowd funding effort. Kudos and gratitude to our recipients, who are leading the way with their commitment to activism and social justice through law. May they go from strength to strength.
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